Sunday, 1 January 2012

Wind Ventilators - Trapped air to be replaced with cleaner cooler air from outside.

Wind e® is a rotary device to pull out hot air in warm months and moist air in cold months. They are commonly located on roof tops, using only wind and pressure differences as their power source. They offer energy savings and comfort with low up-front cost.

Wind e® is incorporated with bearing free German Technology vis-a-via a sealed self lubricating steel device in polymer mounted within the steel shaft, for minimal friction resulting in high RPM and consequent more extraction of hot air. This also results in maintenance free and Silent, Smooth and Sustained operation for more than ten years.
The fan of the ventilator is designed in such a way that extraction of air is more than other fans. The fan blades are made of high grade aluminum, while top cover is Zinc coated steel, and other structure is GI. Powder coated fans are available with lead time for places with corrosive fumes. Due to the nature of its construction Wind e® ventilators can/ are giving trouble free performance for a long time
Wind e® edges are crimped to protect the fan from transit damage and bird hits. Thus at the edges, out fan thickness is 0.8mm. The rest of the vane thickness is deliberately kept at 0.4 mm to reduce weight to get higher RPM, as thicker blades means more weight on rotating mechanism.
Wind e® can be used in commercial, agricultural industrial and residential buildings. These are very affordable, easy to install, and they pump vast amounts of air from workplaces.
So round the year, Wind e® roof turbines can help cut your energy costs; and that means less greenhouse gas emissions and more savings into your pocket!

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